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Dtf gang sheet Builder

Dtf gang sheet Builder

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Build your own Gang Sheet

Direct-To-Film (DTF) Transfers

DTF is otherwise known as Direct To Film. This printing technique involves printing any design and color directly onto a film and then transferring it to any material such as cotton, polyester, and linen with a simple 15-second heat press.

Soft, vivid, high-quality prints for heat pressing transfers onto shirts and other garments or fabric. Highly durable, stretchy, and wash-resistant with no fading, no cracking, and no peeling.

Our gang sheets come in multiple sizes. Fit as many prints as you can on these! Get as close as you want between each image. It depends on how comfortable you are with cutting!

Design Your Own: DTF Gang Sheet

At Crafty Husky, we make it easy to create your own DTF gang sheet. This is the perfect way to minimize any waste material and printing, cutting down on costs while helping you maximize your bottom line.

Our sheets are 12 inches in width. The length of the sheet can range from 24 inches to 200 inches.

  • Uploaded File Format in PNG, JPG/JPEG, PSD, and AI
  • Transparent Background Is A Must
  • Resolution: 300 DPI
  • Tiny details that are below 9 points are too small to be transferred correctly onto the garment. You can fix it by adding a stroke or outline around the small details to make them thicker.
  • Transparent or translucent gradient IS NOT recommended, transparency of 30-40% will start to break and create jagged edges.
  • We print the files as they are sent to us and do not alter, resize, or make any corrections to them. We are not responsible for pixelated, blurry, or overlapping images. We will not issue any refunds or reprints for images that were sent at low quality (resolution) or with errors.

Once you select the size, click on the button to see the sheet template. Simply upload the vector files in PNG,  JPG/JPEG, PSD, and AI format and position them on the sheet, ensuring the images do not overlap or extend beyond the edges of the sheet.

Build Your Own Gang Sheet Today!


  1. Your heat press should be at medium to firm pressure.
  2. For cotton and 50/50 blends 300-320F degrees, For synthetic or polyester fabrics 275-300F degrees.
  3. Press transfer to fabric for 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. Allow to cool then peel film away.
  5. Press a second time with parchment paper on top for 5-8 seconds



Local pick up is offered for gang sheet and t-shirt orders.  If you live close enough to pick up in the Toledo, OH area, we can refund the shipping charges if you choose to pick up.

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